Vice Chancellors and Institute Directors Pledge Action to Support Technical Staff

Through the Technician Commitment initiative, five key areas have been identified to improve and safeguard vital technical skills in higher education and research. A steering-group of sector bodies including UKRI, HEFCE, Wellcome Trust and Advance HE will ensure that the commitment will deliver greater visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for technicians across all disciplines.

Launched in May 2017 with support of the Science Council and Gatsby Foundation, the Technician Commitment was signed by 36 signatories including several prestigious Russell Group universities. Less than a year on, it was announced that the number has reached 66 signatories – representing over 50% of UK universities and several world-leading institutions.

The commitment comes at a key time as the demand for technicians is increasing. More than 1.5 million technicians currently work in the UK, which is expected to rise by around 70,000 each year.


For more information see the Science Council’s full article