Who we are

UBMA is the organisation for Laboratory Superintendents and Managers in university biological, biochemical and life science departments, schools and faculties, currently with members drawn from over 70 different universities. The University Biological Supervisors’ Association (UBSA) was formed in 1983 by two superintendents from the University of Sheffield. In April 2000 the name was changed to the University Bioscience Managers’ Association. In 2012, members of the National Association of Biochemistry & Biological Sciences (Managers) (NABBS) joined together with the UBMA bringing together knowledge and expertise held by Professional Managers¬† across a broad spectrum of Universities in the UK and Ireland.

What we do

UBMA aims to improve the management of resources in university science schools and departments, by:

  • Providing a forum for the exchange of ideas
  • Seeking to influence national policy by the representation of the Association’s views
  • Encouraging training and development of staff at all levels
  • Disseminating best practice

We meet annually for a day and a half, discussing subjects of common interest to Laboratory Managers and Superintendents. (List of past venues)

At its 2000 meeting the Association introduced a subscription and set up an Association Committee with a view to expanding the presentation of our views to national bodies who influence policy affecting the teaching and research in university bioscience departments.

It is the intention of the Committee to invite officers from agencies (that can both benefit from and be of benefit to UBMA) to attend the annual Conferences. Such agencies may include HEFCE / SFC, UniversitiesUK (formerly CVCP) etc. Members are invited to make suggestions for contact routes to the Secretary.

UBMA Constitution